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3 More *NEW* NoSleep Stories║Hauntings, Paranormal Beings, and a disturbing dream…

In today's /NoSleep video, we explore the parts of our world, that threaten our very understanding of the limits of reality... I also apologise for this video being late, it was meant to be a Monday but Internet... All stories linked at the bottom of the description; read along! Remember, things DO go bump in the night... ──────────────── Haven't subscribed yet? Well you'd better... ► sub_confirmation=1 Don't forget to submit your stories at ! ••••• *SOCIAL LINKS* (These don't involve any spookiness) Follow me on Twitter! I post daily ► Like me on Facebook, we can chat!► Follow me on Vine, you'll laugh ► (COMING SOON) Play games with me on Steam ► Instagram ► lehrm96 SnapChat ► le_hrm96 ••••• *CONTACT, SUPPORT, AND CONTRIBUTION LINKS* A fan of my videos? Feel free to

Paranormal Investigations – Witches Ghost Stories 1

Circle of Heka: Blessed Be and Welcome to the Circle of Heka. All Witches have their stories of their experiences with the Other Side. This is the start of a new series were we will explore the paranormal and maybe tell a few fire side ghost stories. Today I interview TNT Professional Paranormal Investigations (Perth Western Australia) before I tag along on one of their investigations. Apologies for the sound in a few places, we had a couple of planes fly over, during the interview. Which stopped as soon as we had finished. Please enjoy. Blessed be. Website: Facebook: TNT Professional Paranormal Investigations: Song used intro and exit: Fytch - Blinded (feat. Kosta & Theo Hoarau) [NCS Release] Fytch • • NoCopyrightSounds is

Evidence: Paranormal “Ghosts of the Pythian Castle” – 2015

"Ghosts of the Pythian Castle" This was another event sponsored by the Paranormal Task Force which we attended in July 18th, 2015 in Springfield, Missouri. This was an incredible location with too much history to absorb in one trip. This monstrous limestone castle has stood tall for the last 100 years. Within these walls comes a theatre, a ballroom, a bowling alley, a dungeon and even an interrogation room used for Nazi prisoners and other enemy soldiers during WWII that many are probably unaware of. But our purpose for being there was of course the paranormal which did not disappoint. We were fortunate enough to have had many personal experiences during

M.P.S 12/13/2015 Paranormal Investigation Day And Night!

Finally after a year my boy and I got into Rosemary Cemetery, We have tried numerous times and always too dangerous to go in!!!!! We Are Going back very soon to do a full sweep of the area!!!! we only have so many places we can legally investigate, so it's definitely slim pickings for locations! Make sure you subscribe to my Live-stream ............./´¯/) ............/....// .........../....// ...../´¯/..../´¯ --LordBong941-- .././.../..../..../.| --Hell Ya-- (.(....(....(..../.)..) ................./.../ ................... / ..................( source

Paranormal Investigation – Why I Do It Part 1

Paranormal Investigation - Why I Do It Part 1 Subscribe to my channel! Find me on Facebook! Follow me on twitter! Part 1 of the Paranormal Investigation that started all of my paranormal investigations. As lead investigator It is my job to keep my composure during times of terror. Sometimes this can be hard to do. Why I Do It You might ask. No matter how Disturbing, or Scary things can get I still manage to pull together as much evidence as I can, so I can tell the world my Story. With the help of my team of Paranormal investigators, we do the best we can to bring you the best in youtube content. Feel free to share your opinions,

Amazing Radio – The Saturday Show – Halloween Ghost Hunt at Washington Old Hall

To celebrate halloween, Colin, Matt and Producer Mark were taken ghost hunting to Old Washington Hall by Dean-o, the X-Factor Mole and full time paranormal investigater. As part of the hunt, and because his X-Factor pick was the first one out of the competition, Colin had to do a forfeit. The challenge, to stay in the most haunted room in the building by himself, in the dark, for at least 10 minutes. This video chronicles his stay, night vision style, and what Matt got up to while he was in there. You can hear The Saturday Show every Saturday from 9am to 12pm on Amazing Radio, on DAB, online at and on the Radio Player. To find out more about Colin and

Haunted Bedroom Paranormal Activity Private Investigation London 2010 Part 9 Part 9 Haunted Bedroom Paranormal Activity Private Investigation London.Well Part 9 is here I have never seen so much ORB Activity before in one room look to the right in the film lots of activty and also you see spirit contact and one of us.... face changes the spirit face . I found this amazing while filming and the investigation has just started not even an hour in. Keep watching more to come. Copyright Paranormalcrazy PM Tony Hicks source