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Elite Paranormal Society- Live Phenomenon

Elite Paranormal Society provides live interactive paranormal investigations as often as possible. While doing these, viewers can witness some of the most amazing paranormal phenomenons. In this video, a team member walks down into the basement while the other team member is performing a cleansing of the location (pushing a negative energy from the house). After a person has experienced a paranormal attack, the camera is left running and viewers continued to watch. When the team member begins to enter the basement, sounds....voices begin to intelligently try to persuade her to leave. However, the voices are only audible to the viewers- not the team member! The team member is unaware of these voices trying to get her to leave. It's

Paranormal Podcast |The Zodiac Podcast | Ep001

Paranormal Podcast, The Zodiac Podcast, episode 001! Our paranormal investigation team, discusses topics, and things from our daily lives! save poast town- donate to poast town- Insta - Facebook- Twitter - And please Subscribe! source


DOWNLOAD FOR $1.99 ON IOS: Disclaimer: This app is currently for IOS. I will use an android app soon! Please give this video a like and subscribe to stay updated with all my videos! If you want to join my livestreams where i do live evp sessions please go and follow my official twitch channel where i also play horror games like slender! LINK: source

Daytime Ghost Hunting with Bob – WAGNER ITC

For all you out there that like to walk in the dark and ask questions... I am doing just that.. wait until I go up in the attic.. Bob My Website: Ghost Box Adventures: Our Family Youtube Channel: The Happy Trio Mail me stuff: Bob Wagner PO BOX 4103 Everett, WA 98204 My Email: source

New Paranormal team (Supernatural Investigators, Ghost Hunters)

We are a group of supernatural investigators. We've been around for almost a year now, but just now trying it on social media. Once we get moving we will try and put a video up once a week, and pictures up once a day on our social media. Dont be afraid to contact us, or tell us your Paranormal experiences down below! Insta - Facebook- Twitter - And please Supscribe! EMF K2- EMF Ghost Meter - EVP Recorder - Ghost box - source

Best Ghost Sightings Ever l Real Ghosts Caught On Camera!

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Paranormal Production Contracts: Getting Signed

WE ARE NO LONGER UPLOADING CONTENT TO YOUTUBE! We have moved to T W I T C H ! Please follow us to our new Platform! New Platform: (Download the App or the Software FREE) Please FOLLOW US and SUBSCRIBE to our T w i t c h channel! Buy BITS to CHEER! TOP CHEERER OF THE WEEK wins a giveaway! Monthly & weekly GIVEAWAYS TO Subscribers! ONCE FOLLOWING US ON TWITCH – Make sure you TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS! Donate towards our future content here: Ghost Girl Diaries website and merch here: Ghost Girl Diaries merch: Krystal's Depop shop where she sells items from her closet! (ALSO DOWNLOAD THE FREE DEPOP APP!) Ebook by Krystal COMING SOON! Follow her social media for UPDATES! Social media: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Facebook OFFICIAL Krystal Leandra: Facebook OFFICIAL Ghost Girl