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Paranormal Nation – Unify With Us

Check out Paranormal Nation The Spirit Realm Network’s newest series Paranormal Nation was conceived as a docu-series with a twist, Paranormal Nation focuses on emerging paranormal groups rather than one haunted location. Instead, Paranormal Nation puts the spotlight on select paranormal groups as they take us through their approach to the paranormal and the investigation process. From choosing the best haunted location, to seeing how the group interacts with each other and how they fully demonstrate their abilities, styles and techniques during an investigation. All of which in a non-judgmental style that promotes para-unity. After checking out the episode don’t forget to Share! Share! Share! source

Live From Hinsdale House

During our paranormal tour of upstate New York we stopped off at the famous and very haunted Hinsdale House. Thanks to owner Daniel Klaes for his insight and help. We did this live but the location was so rural we had trouble streaming it out so here it is now. source

The Dorothea Puente Murder House “LIVE”!

Watch the documentary then join us after as Our Haunted Destinations goes live for the very first time from the infamous home of one of history’s most notorious female serial killers...the Dorothea Puente Murder House in Sacramento, California. Your subscription includes the premier of the documentary followed by a live, interactive investigation from inside the home where we'll interview special guest Detective John Cabrera, take a tour and of course, investigate the “Death Room” were Dorothea Puente gruesomely prepared her victims body’s for burial in the backyard. All happening live and interactive on the new Spirit Realm Network. Log on to for more information. source

Bloody Mary’s Haunted Museum and Spirit shop.

Just completed two infomercials for New Orleans’s very own Bloody Mary and her Haunted Museum & Spirit shop. Located in a building with over 200 hundred years of life and death, it was also the site of Paranormal Lockdown’s season 2 episode 10 and the first Ghost Box Chronicles live. It’s one thing to experience the paranormal but another to be truly immersed in the paranormal and no other place does that like the “Big Easy”. No matter what spiritual path you’re on, all paranormal roads lead through the most haunted place in America…New Orleans! Bloody Mary’s Haunted Museum and Spirit shop is a must see for anyone interested in the paranormal, metaphysical or afterlife. source

Locke EVP Session

Locke, California During a recent paranormal scouting expedition, Hauntology Productions and friends ventured into the mysterious town of “Locke” located in California's Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta area. Founded in 1915 by Chinese immigrants who decided it was time to establish a town of their own. Locke is one of the only towns in the United States built exclusively by the Chinese for the Chinese and at a time when Chinese immigrants were not allowed to own land. At its peak 600 residents and as many as 1500 people occupied the town which had many businesses including a gambling hall, boarding house and brothel. Our friend, loyal “Box Talker” and faithful scout Bill Ordway got us an “all access pass” into the most unique

Dorothea Puente Murder House

Coming Soon Join Hauntology Productions on the network for the first ever live stream of OUR HAUNTED DESTINATIONS when we tour, interview and investigate the Dorothea Puente Murder House. This is the very site where one of the most notorious female serial killers in history carried out her atrocities. Nine innocent and unsuspecting boarders were drugged and murdered by this grandmotherly woman and later buried in her back yard. Join us in the chat room and be a part of this interactive paranormal event. Check back soon for the date and time and when/where to subscribe. source

Amador County Courthouse and Jail

On a recent trip to Jackson California, Our Haunted Destinations had the unique opportunity to investigate the abandoned Amador County Courthouse and Jail. Abandoned and closed for several years now, this location is known for its many dark secrets and malicious spirit. Here are the first of several highlights from an EVP session in the jail. source

The Hanunted Space Interview With Nick Groff and Elizabeth Saint

They Saw The Future! Join us for an exclusive Hauntology Productions interview with Nick Groff of Destination America's hit shows "Paranormal Lockdown" and "Ghosts of Shepherdstown", along with Elizabeth Saint from Destination America’s hit show “Ghosts of Shepherdstown”. See the future of paranormal programing as they talk about their new and innovative online subscription-based network “TheHaunted.Space” launching January 8th 2018. For more information enter their reality at source

Our Haunted Destinations Paranormal Documentary

Set in California’s gold country; join the team as they explore the history, the tragedy and claims of hauntings in this preserved gold rush era town. In this episode we‘ll investigate the historic National Hotel and go behind the scenes as we investigate areas previously off limits and uncover some of its many dark secrets. Interested in a paranormal journey? Log on to for more information on how you can visit this historic town and investigate this haunted location. source