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Our First Time | Our First Ghost Experience

In this video we talk about out first Paranormal experience. Each one of us go through and speak about our time in detail. We also are going to ask something from you. If you type down below your first experience, we may choice your story and tell it in another video! on top of it, if we chose your story we will follow you on instagram! Make sure to check out our instagram ar This is a new chapter in our lives! source

David Dobrik's house is HAUNTED… *paranormal activity*

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Eite Paranormal Society KOA R1

Elite Paranormal Society takes on the haunted KOA Campground. Round one takes place in the basement and everything is not as it seems! Checkout this paranormal investigation that was filmed in a live interactive form on our Facebook page at Not only are human spirits hanging around this location, but an inhuman spirit causes problems for multiple team members and our guest. source


This video might be the creepiest I've edited. Hope you enjoy. also. we caught something physical. you have to pay close attention. i cant see it from my phone, but i can see it from my computer. Collab Channel: Vlog channel: Instagram: dailygracevlogs Twitter: dailygracevlogs Snapchat: dailygracevlogs #devilstrampingground #paranormal #exploration source

Demonic Abandoned Church!!!

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THIS LOCATION WAS CLOSE DOWN IN 2007 ó THE GROUND WERE WELL KNOWN LOCALLY AS HOME TO THE FORMER ST MICHAEL COLLEGE WITCH WAS RUN BY THE ROSMINIAN FATHER'S UNTIL MID 1980 WITCH WAS A BORNDING SCHOOL FOR BOYES More information coming soon This location was also used in its day for a collage study candidate for the Prest hood and brother Hood and sister hood Cloused 1986 Story of a young girl drowing in a pool and a boy drowned in a swimming pool source