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Paranormal Podcast |The Zodiac Podcast | Ep001

Paranormal Podcast, The Zodiac Podcast, episode 001! Our paranormal investigation team, discusses topics, and things from our daily lives! save poast town- donate to poast town- Insta - Facebook- Twitter - And please Subscribe! source

New Paranormal team (Supernatural Investigators, Ghost Hunters)

We are a group of supernatural investigators. We've been around for almost a year now, but just now trying it on social media. Once we get moving we will try and put a video up once a week, and pictures up once a day on our social media. Dont be afraid to contact us, or tell us your Paranormal experiences down below! Insta - Facebook- Twitter - And please Supscribe! EMF K2- EMF Ghost Meter - EVP Recorder - Ghost box - source