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"An Old Man At A Gas Station Told Me A Strange Story" | Creepypasta | Scary Story

I shouldn’t have gone looking for it.
Author: silsbyten

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29 thoughts on “"An Old Man At A Gas Station Told Me A Strange Story" | Creepypasta | Scary Story

  1. Boy I really do need to be outlawed. The lines "There's been an incident and I'd like to talk about it." and "It looked like a policeman's flashlight from the 1980's." were the first things that came to my mind when I saw the opening title to this video. My dirty mind aside, this was another great story and perfect narration!

  2. Excellent! A piece of pie and a warm tale, thanks, it was great as usual! It's always best to find monsters with a friend or two. That way, you don't have to outrun the monster, just the friends!

  3. Excellent scary story by silsbyten for this evening!! Marvelous narration that really got the blood pumping and the chills rippling! Wonderfully done!! Thank you both very much!!
    Happy Thanksgiving Stephen!!

  4. Must not have been a very recent story, because if it happened today, I'd be mighty surprised if he even made to the interstate on only $20. 😂 Either way, a short and simple story like this was quite refreshing and well done 👍

  5. "Son, do you mind tellin' me why you lit this forest 🔥? In an old growth forest?"…."well you see, I was being threatened by a 9 ft ghost demon named Methuselah. He eats only souls, you see. I had no choice, due to the fact that light is the only force that can defeat it!!" ….

  6. Even on thanksgiving he still pushing the stories out true dedication, this is just what I need after good food and it’s raining right now in Philly where live I’m full of thanksgiving food now I’m smokin some good ol Mary Jane Nd sitting in the rain listening dude this is exactly what I needed to end my night 😌

    Yay !
    Thankfully I slept the whole night so I had something to listen to now in the morning ( 8:44 here CET)

    It seems kind of manipulative but I'll still ask….
    Can I make an attempt for a birthday wish?
    A tiny bit longer one, some days days earlier than the 19 of December, just because I have my (hopefully last) 3rd big dental OP under sedoanalgesia and I won't be able to do mostly …..nothing at all for the next 2 to 3 days (including not drinking my liquid substitutes nor eating – so nope, cake is out of question, instead of a party it will be PJ's, tissues and antibiotics.
    (Because I hate to eat and then have to brush my temporary teeth, when I'm still bleeding from my mouth and the needle holes are hurting becauseI need at least 50 tiny injections over the course of 3 – 4 hours – idk why it wears off so fast, guessing I got used to it …Yuck.)

  8. Why would you go out at night alone to a place you don’t even know. That’s how you get yourself killed or worsted. Well he’s just being stupid! Lol 😝
    But overall it’s a good story and narration! 👏🏼

  9. This felt so much like it was a small chapter from the Stairs and the Doorway series or the Unamaaxl(spelling?) Series. I was constantly waiting to hear about the scars on his face tingling. Great story and excellently read as always LH, cheers, Lee

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