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Big Youtubers Caught Faking with Proof Ghost Hunters Caught Faking

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46 thoughts on “Big Youtubers Caught Faking with Proof Ghost Hunters Caught Faking


  2. I know that sometimes debunking isn't the easiest thing to do. But I really wish there was more on Kent from Carmel Maine. The fake door opening was good, but I'd really love to see something on his shadow dude footage. At least some speculation on how it could be achieved. Most of the ghost footage these days are repetitive, and so boring. But Ken's videos were pretty good, I would just love to see people's opinions and possibly theories and how it's achieved. Love the channel, and really digging your videos. Cheers from NYC.

  3. Guys! Love this! Check out the guy from "-EPIC PARANORMAL TV-". He uses this "device" that makes these sounds and loops them. Basically it's a collection of a bunch of stomp boxes (these are individual effects used by guitar players to alter their guitar sounds, they usually sit on the floor and a button can be pressed with the foot to activate and de-activate them, they also have knobs on them to adjust the parameters of the way sounds are shaped.) Anyway, he makes this concoction and mounts a bunch of these stomp boxes to them, then supplies them with a radio signal from a simple AM/FM radio. It takes very small snippets of radio stations as it scans the AM/FM bands, puts those snippets together, applies effects, like reversing, adding reverb, chorus, phasing, pitch changing, etc… Then it loops them using a delay pedal (another stomp box). He leaves them sit on the floor in a "haunted house" and just lets it do its thing. From my understanding he's even made these and sold them to other ghost hunters, (probably for a lot of money). Please debunk this dude!

  4. My question would be with all the fake shit that you claim is out there do you actually believe that any of it is true, do you believe in the paranormal or are you just put off by all this garbage?

  5. As far as Huff's not about being fake being the problem. You ALL are unaware that passed loved ones, celebrities, anyone once living CAN NOT be contacted. We "AT REST" (this saying exists for reason) we asleep ONLY. People are actually paying to hear from demons pretending to be loved one. Demons referred to as "Familiar Spirits" in bible..can and do mimic us exactly. Demons can never find REST..we fortunately are at REST when we pass. We DO NOT wander after death. This s fact whether one believes or not. So Huff is ONLY contacting evil spirits that deceive every way possible. Truth sets one free. This truth sets you free from being fooled and ripped off! Also much ghost vids are real..we are surrounded by entities and easy to record nowadays. No need to do fake videos..So believe very very few fakes.

  6. Thank you for exposing these frauds. The holywalkers & Ugue brothers use their religion to get people to trust them. It's a tactic that infomercial people use. Wearing a cross outside a shirt,mentioning god,praying. It's disgusting. Men of god but lie for 💲💲💲💲💲

  7. Pls debunk mellowb1rd paranormal I wanted someone to call his fake shit out for years .. his videos are beyond a joke and lots of his subscribers attack u when u try to point the obvious out

  8. Its amazing to me that anyone has EVER found these channels to be even moderately legitimate. I've been calling out G Paranormal in various comments sections for eons. Their videos are so obviously faked.

  9. Great debunk video Rick. I like Combat Wombat too. What is it about gamers and debunking. That Moe Sargi one that he uploaded and took down but not not before the debunk
    community caught him and his mate behind the door hahaha.

  10. Fake one….. and they are all fake…… You are doing the world a huge favor by outing these fakes. Everybody wins. These fakirs are a huge problem. Once you've been outed as a fake that's it……zero credibility from now on. That is, if the channel had any to begin with.

  11. Has their ever been a paranormal video you couldn't debunk that you think could be real? Or do you think every paranormal video is 100% fake or could be explained? If their are videos you think could be real it would be awesome if you could do a video about em.

  12. This is the 1st time I watched one of your debunked videos I watched a few and now I have to unsubscribe to like five of my channels that I subscribe to because you debunk them all that kind of sucks but thank you. Now at least I subscribed to you so I could see how many other channels I subscribe to that are fake there are a few videos that I really think I real is there a way I could look them up and send you the name and you let me know if they're fake millions of people think it's real?

  13. Great video and very eye opening too, and there is a special place in hell for people who charge you to "speak" to your loved ones….ive been on the shitty end of that stick and it very nearly tipped me over the edge…….x

  14. It's fake the moment they always see something in the corner of their eyes but some how the camera never does.. only "Sounds"
    One thing I hate the most is these fake content creators telling us how grateful they are for their donations, buying their merch and crap.. only to be play a evil laugh in their minds knowing they are tricking people into buying merch… Some of the love to use the necrophonic app, and those reviews on the app tells you what you need to know about being fake, the entire app has re-recorded voices that are modified and a program designed to recognize speech to give a real reply to you're "questions"

    The fact that if you go to any one those those videos count how many cuts in the video there, video cuts, POV cuts.. any type of cut.. cause these guys need to cut the video so they can move about the house to play more fake sounds and noises.. If a video can never show a cut or a "camera randomly shut off"

  15. yeah they are all full of sh!t!
    fake thumbnails, misleading and clickbait video titles.
    Saying how much they love you and make you think your part of their "Fam" just to scam money out of peeps.
    While they realy dont need the money in the first place, theres a bunch of channels im going to unsub from thats for sure.

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