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"I Live in an Uncharted Country" | VERY BEST OF NOSLEEP 2020 (4-PART SERIES)

”Our country is completely normal, except for one single thing. One undeniable fact. Okilathron isn’t on any maps. It is an uncharted country…”

Today’s phenomenal tale of terror is ‘I Live in an Uncharted Country’, a story by Hybrid Pumpkin, shared with me via NoSleep and recorded here with the express permission of the author:

If you like today’s story, then please check out the author’s subreddit, where he holds polls, exclusive stories, and general discussion about his work

Background music by me (freely available for use by other Creepypasta / No Sleep narrators):

End credits music by the wonderfully talented Tanner Stokes. Used here with his Express permission.

Video footage was made by me with whatever Go Pro Camera it is that I own… I hope you found it to be a relaxing backdrop for today’s story!

Thumbnail image created using Adobe Spark, with an image from Pixabay, used in adapted form under the conditions of the Creative Commons CC0 license:


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41 thoughts on “"I Live in an Uncharted Country" | VERY BEST OF NOSLEEP 2020 (4-PART SERIES)

  1. Good Morning 😘 Dr Creepen Thank you for over an hour of your Wonderful Voice 💘 I hope that you and everyone else has a Thristylicious 🧛 Thursday and are safe too;) much love Sexy Grandma Darkness ✌️💋

  2. I know of another uncharted island out there, beyond the scope of man. It’s name is Themyscira, home to thousands of women, all beautiful and not a single man in sight. I’ve been trying to locate it my entire life, like literally. My mom gave birth to me in a boat searching for it. Anyway it’s supposedly inhabited by a group calling themselves “The Amazons”, but hey, all I care about is that there thousands of women, and not one man in sight. El Dorado…the legends are true. 👍

  3. Bah I wasn't as close to give you a dislike as I was now but I was tempted now it's full of plot holes but I didn't give you a dislike but I didn't give you a like also I don't think that it's your fault but the writers

  4. We have everything here except one thing…. WiFi. 😱😱😱😱😱

    Was a bit put off by this whole non-existent country that has internet, computers, tv, cars, and all their needs met, but yet only the ppl that live there know about it. Maybe it's in a different dimension or something.

  5. Backwards engineering for some things maybe, since people and equipment crash land and run aground, it's possible some of the adults on the island weren't born there and are capable of engineering or refurbishing equipment and using modern technology and are also scavenging parts, remember how old the car was. Also smugglers capable of getting items in. This would require a secret society group possibly keeping others there. It sort of reminds me of M Niight shyamalam's The Village, only the monster is real, or is it? It is a bit too far fetched, but if you use enough imagination. It's science fiction after all.

  6. Well that's my girlfriend been started her labour the next story we listing to my boy will be out the womb the long nights have begun for me so keep the uploads coming doc 👍

  7. AND…even in this… undiscovered country..the..number one, juvenile delinquent..has got an older Toyota pick-up truck. So..if this island country..has NO sizeable boats..coming or going..then, HOW, did that Toyota pick-up truck..get TO the island??

  8. "I live in a country where there's a monster that will kill children for swimming too far from shore, but rich people own speedboats." The author had a neat idea, but there were a lot of areas that needed work. Perhaps the story could have been told via Message in a bottle? Cut out the parts about cars, electricity, etc. Or make some kind of concession that maybe "Large ships get lost occasionally, and we scavange them when they beach themselves." or something like that. It just had a lot of logic issues.

  9. Alright mate, I propose a trade. My vocal cords for yours. My voice is about as deep as yours, but I can't pull off the accent or cadence. I'll see you quite soon !

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