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10 Creepy GHOST PHOTOS That Defy EXPLANATION #WeirdButTrue

Have you ever wondered what hides in the darkness?  Felt a strange chill run down your spine? Jumped at unexplainable bumps and knocks in the night? Perhaps you have good reason to be afraid.  Patrons get early access to “Weird But True” videos! BECOME A PATRON at  STORY CREDITS AND/OR SOURCES… source

El 2x – “No Sleep” | Dir by Mota Media

El 2x - "No Sleep" | Dir by Mota Media Proxclusiv Media : Subscribe and like and comment. Follow : @El_2x ( ) @Mota_Media ( ) PROXCLUSIV SOUNDCLOUD : for videos email : source

A Short Creepypasta Narration | Monsters DO Exist

High School Can be A Very Scary place. But What if there were real monsters lurking around the corner? Whether you like it or not... Scary Monsters DO Exist.. Maybe you'll come across them soon enough. Story By: Provider92 A Short Creepypasta Narration | Monsters DO Exist Narration By: Lighthouse Horror Read it here: Music By: If you enjoyed the short new creepypasta narration from my creepypasta new playlist, please check out more stories from my creepypasta playlist, or my creepypasta new playlist. If you have a short creepypasta narration of your own you would like added to the creepypasta playist, please send it in. I would love to hear your short creepypasta story! Thank you for watching the short creepypasta narration and thank you

The Dorothea Puente Murder House “LIVE”!

Watch the documentary then join us after as Our Haunted Destinations goes live for the very first time from the infamous home of one of history’s most notorious female serial killers...the Dorothea Puente Murder House in Sacramento, California. Your subscription includes the premier of the documentary followed by a live, interactive investigation from inside the home where we'll interview special guest Detective John Cabrera, take a tour and of course, investigate the “Death Room” were Dorothea Puente gruesomely prepared her victims body’s for burial in the backyard. All happening live and interactive on the new Spirit Realm Network. Log on to for more information. source


O Curta-Metragem Proibido | Por Junior Santos A Creepypasta que conta a história do Urso do Limbo, um boneco, todo emendado, como se fosse alguém com uma fantasia mal costurada, que surgiu em curtas-metragens de stop-motion nos anos 90, com a lenda de guiar pessoas com uma bússola, agora para onde ele guia? Só ele pode te responder. Essa Creepypasta é totalmente inédita, se você nunca ouviu falar, compartilhe com seus amigos, e ajude a chegar mais longe. source