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3 TRULY Terrifying Cursed Painting Horror Stories from NoSleep | (Scary Stories)

Art can be captivating and beautiful, an expression immortalised. Is it just paint though, or could there be more behind the canvas than you might expect. It’s get comfortable, and let the darkness take control!


Story 1 – 00:00:30
Story 2 – 00:24:22
Story 3 – 00:39:23

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All story can be found on Reddit and are read by the kind permission of the authors. Please check out their amazing works!

Story 1 by William Dalphin – – – For more stories, please check out his book! –

Story 2 by David Maloney – –

Story 3 by Tobias Wade – –

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46 thoughts on “3 TRULY Terrifying Cursed Painting Horror Stories from NoSleep | (Scary Stories)

  1. 1st story reminded me of the movie Night Gallery 1969 , scared the shit out of me in the early 70s , movie did so good it had a spin off show called , night gallery – nice one Mortman 👍🏻

  2. This is awesome ! I know everyone says they don't get scared easily , but seriously I really don't because I watch and read so much scary /spooky/horror movies/stories . This shit gave me the creeps for hours! Just the way you read these really brings the emotions and characters to life . That takes some serious talent! Many have the scary voice down but only a few of you guys actually bring these stories to life . This probably freaked me out because as a kid my moms friend had given me and painting of Jesus surrounded by little kids looking up at him. Well if you stared at it the kids would look back at me and "Jesus's" hands would spread open . It was sooooo freaky and it scared the crap out of me. I couldn't give it back because it was a gift and she was a very regulus person and was very proud of herself because she thought I liked it. Anyways I kept it in my closet facing the wall so even if I opened my closet I wouldn't see it for years and years until I moved out . I actually dk where it is now lol. Sorry for the novel guys but I had to tell me little story

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