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Ex Paranormal Investigator, Dana Emanuel on The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell – Pt 3.

Part 3. Special Show!!! Testing The Spirits in Jesus Name. MY VERY FINAL GUEST ON THE FINAL SERIES OF MY RADIO SHOW: Dana Emanuel, Former Ghost Hunter, Dana led a successful Paranormal Investigation Team conducting Paranormal Investigations across Florida, USA. She abandoned it in 2011, after hearing Laura share the truth about alleged ghosts on Revelation TV and when she and her family were attacked by spirits. Laura is delighted to interview Dana - her very last guest, on this, the final series of The Supernatural With Laura Maxwell. MORE DETAILS WITH LINKS: FOR MORE ABOUT: Laura Maxwell's TV and Radio Shows, publications, speaking engagements, etc, see SPIRITUAL ADVICE OR HELP: MY BLOG: MY FACEBOOK - Main Page: MY

3 TRULY Terrifying Cursed Painting Horror Stories from NoSleep | (Scary Stories)

Art can be captivating and beautiful, an expression immortalised. Is it just paint though, or could there be more behind the canvas than you might expect. It’s get comfortable, and let the darkness take control! HELP SUPPORT THE CHANNEL - Story 1 - 00:00:30 Story 2 - 00:24:22 Story 3 - 00:39:23 Merch - Why not TURN ON my CHANNEL NOTIFICATIONS so you are always notified when my newest video goes live! It's the BELL icon next to the SUBSCRIBE button on my channel page. ;D Follow me @ Twitter: Instagram: Check out previous videos: HOME ALONE: RAIN STORIES : UNEXPLAINABLE: To have your story featured in a video, share it to: OR email it to: All story can be found on Reddit and are read by

“A Bedtime Story” by GreyOwl (Creepypasta)

All stories have to come from somewhere... The 2nd story I have narrated by the very talented creepypasta writer, GreyOwl! Be sure to check out her other stories as well as my narration of another one of her stories titled "Chewy": Story link: ▶️ BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CONTENT: PLAYLISTS: ▶️ DK's Covers: ▶️ Creepypasta Narrations: ▶️ Creepypasta Reviews: ▶️ Reddit Horror: ▶️ Countdowns/Top 10s/Fun Facts: ▶️ Voice Attempts/Voice Impressions/Original Voices: OLD SIDE CHANNELS: ▶️ GngrBoyPlays: ▶️ DK Covers: MUSIC BY: ▶️ Myuuji: ▶️ Piano Horror: ▶️ Dark Music World: ▶️ Accurst: Outro Music by Andrew Barnabas & Paul Arnold: ▶️ TWITTER PAGE: If you'd like to request a video, be sure to email me at! Thanks for watching and remember

3 Scary Supernatural NoSleep Stories [CREEPYPASTA]

Since there was some pretty positive response to my last ones, I did it again. This time it's about some supernatural weirdness. These stories may start out somewhat whimsical, but just wait till the last one. Things get pretty messed up. Enjoy! _________________________________________________________________ Stories in order of appearance: "I think I might be living with an SCP": By: Music: "Something knocks on my front door every night at 12:16 am": By: Music: Long Note Two Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License "Autopsy Report": By: Music: Long note One Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License source