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The Hanunted Space Interview With Nick Groff and Elizabeth Saint

They Saw The Future! Join us for an exclusive Hauntology Productions interview with Nick Groff of Destination America's hit shows "Paranormal Lockdown" and "Ghosts of Shepherdstown", along with Elizabeth Saint from Destination America’s hit show “Ghosts of Shepherdstown”. See the future of paranormal programing as they talk about their new and innovative online subscription-based network “TheHaunted.Space” launching January 8th 2018. For more information enter their reality at source

The Haunted Art of Dreams | Hypnagogia & Hauntology

A short essay on dream art. ✔ Patreon: ✔ Twitter: ✔ Tumblr: ✔ Merch: ✔ Twitch: Thumbnail by Rachel Garat! Further Reading: On Hypnagogia: On Goya: source

A Diner Open 25 Hours a Day by Christopher Maxim | Creepypasta

Late night cravings can be a killer. Especially after coming from a long trip. Either for business or pleasure. Late night cravings can cause someone to do something rational like get food from a local gas station or stop at diner in the middle of nowhere. Even if the diner can be concidered.....Out of this world. And now, A Diner Open 25 Hours a Day. So, turn off your lights Original Story: Music: MyuuJi Laura ~reprise~ silent hill 2 cover Scent of Night Hitsujigamine (Catherine Cover) Extinction MSP#1VICIOUS Evil Returns Prey Outsider Kevin MacLeod CO.AG Create The Future SFX: Video Stock: And as always, Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe, ENJOY!!!!!!!! Got a scary story you want told by request or have a story written for , send it to here: Stalk me on here: Like me on here: Follow

$100 To Sit In A Room | Creepypasta

Hello and thank you for watching! If you enjoyed and/or got scared, please leave a like and maybe you can subscribe if you love me! I don't and probably will never have a patreon page because I do this for fun, not for money. However, that means that I have to have a real job so I can only post two videos per week. Have a suggestion or an original story and want me to narrate it? Please email me the link/story. I'm always looking for new content so it would help me tons! Creepypasta: My Twitter: https: // Small Horror Community Discord: Credits: Music by: Myuuji

Confession 2: The Girl That Changed Everything (Part 2) by GOD984 | NoSleep

As we last left Brain, He has been treated for injuries after the brutal beat down by the one we all know as the Catalyst and his minions. During the healing process, Brain and Lisbeth spent more time together and grow what Brain soon finds out it is a strong bond between them and soon realizes, he is thinking of someone more than himself. However, the time of peace will cease when everything will come full circle and Brain will realize the truth about Lizbeth. And now, Part 2 of Confession 2 The Girl That Changed Everything. So, turn off your lights Original Story: Music: MyuuJi To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X Cover) Extinction Prey Run! Collapse Kevin MacLeod Cryptic Sorrow CO.AG Cicada 3301 Raener Lewington Night Stalker Dark Pages for Darker Ages


In this video we head back to the house which was haunted to check some stuff out. You wont believe what happened next!!! Website ======= Second Channel ============= Dillon's Channels ==============- Other Channels Go Sub =================== Equiptment ========= iPhone 7Plus Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge Acer Chromebook YouTube Editor Intro Song ======== Shape Of You, Ed Sheeran Instagram: If you're stuck there is only one way to go, and that is up! Hope You Enjoyed!!! source

4 TRULY Terrifying Stories To Fuel Your Nightmares | Creepypasta Collection 5

Hello all and welcome! Today we have 4 very scary Creepypasta's for your listening pleasure featuring some friends! So get comfortable, and let the darkness take control... #1 - Read by: Mother Creepypasta: #2 - Read by: Blackeyed Blonde: #3 - Read by: Mother Creepypasta: #4 - Read by: ScaryStories4U: Merch NOW AVAILABLE - HELP SUPPORT THE CHANNEL - Why not TURN ON my CHANNEL NOTIFICATIONS so you are always notified when my newest video goes live! It's the BELL icon next to the SUBSCRIBE button on my channel page. ;D Follow me @ Twitter: Instagram: Check out previous videos: ROAD TRIP: ANIMAL HORRORS: DEEP WOODS: GHOST STORIES: LADY MCREEPSTA: To have your story featured in a video, share it to: OR email it

Heritage Horror Story

Cape Town Paranormal conducts a "blind" investigation at an abandoned homestead complex in Wellington on request. An incredibly sad heritage horror story, buildings dating back to the 1820's completely stripped of the features they once so proudly displayed. A name that keeps coming to the fore may have been the name of the main person associated with the site back in the day. Whether we were in fact making contact, or not, the story of these people, and this homestead, still needs to be told. | Intro & Facebook Trailer music: The Cordiers - Thanks to them for licensing their awesome tracks for use on our videos: Outtro Music: I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor

Confession 2: The Girl That Changed Everything (Part 1) By GOD984 | NoSleep

On the next Confession, Brian tells how he has met a man named Johnathan and how he learned the trick of the trade about thieving. Then They meet a a little girl who came out as innocent, but there is more to her than meets the eye. Plus, we get introduced to the main Antagonist who is refereed to as "The Catalyst" And now, Confession 2: The Girl That Changed Everything (Part 1). So, turn off your lights Original Story: Music: MyuuJi The Path (The Last of Us Cover) Unborn's Lullaby Run! Disintegrating (Music Box Ver.) Kevin MacLeod Crypto Raener Lewington: Slow Drift into Madness Dark Pages from Darker Ages out now on Amazon CO.AG Gunpowder SFX: Video Stock: And as always, Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe, ENJOY!!!!!!!! Got a scary story you want told

Прикольный Ремикс На ПеснюIII Ain’t Get No Sleep Cause of Yall Remix

Смех играет важную роль в выживании человечества как вида, поскольку восстанавливает в людях психическую уравновешенность и стабильность поведения. Дети начинают улыбаться и смеяться, когда им исполняется примерно 12 недель. Смех младенца показывает, что у него всё хорошо, что он доволен, и тем самым доставляет удовольствие тому, кто о нём заботится. При смехе в клетках мозга, а затем и всего тела, происходят химические реакции, способствующие пищеварению, сокращению и расслаблению артерий, улучшению кровообращения. Может быть, смех - не самое лучшее и эффективное лекарство, но уж точно - самое приятное. Поэтому в любом человеческом обществе так ценят тех, кто умеет смешить, знает цену шутке. Зарубежными учеными было установлено, что смех обладает оздоравливающим эффектом для психики и физического состояния человека. Во время смеха в мозг