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360 view: prison cell w/Queer Ghost Hunters-Hunting Queer Ghosts

Stand inside an old prison cell with the Queer Ghost Hunters as they make contact with a queer entity in Part 13 source

10 rövid creepypasta amivel BÁRKIT megijeszthetsz!! #HalloweenSzpesöl

Elsőzés gátló: ON || Trollok: OFF Srácok volt egy hasonló videóm amiben benne van pár ebben a videóban is! Ezért elnézéseteket kérem, de én nekem ez teljesen kiment a fejemből és csak most vettem észre, hogy már volt ilyen. Ha tetszett ettől függetlenül, akkor annak örülök! :D ?? Köszönöm, hogy megnézted a t! ? Ha, tetszett csatlakozz a csapathoz: Iratkozz fel! ? Ha esetleg, talán, véletlenül Támogatnál: ? támogatás ÉLŐ ADÁS közben: ✉️ Itt tudsz üzenni nekem: ? Instagram profilom: ✒️ Instagram oldalam: ? Játékfelvétel és stream: ✂️ vágás: Adobe Premier Pro CC 15 Pénzeseknek: Kalózoknak: ? Kamerám: Nikon D5100 + 18-55mm AF-S DX Vrii ? Gépem: Intel Core I3 4150 (2x3.5Ghz) Nvidia GeForce Gt 730 (2GB) Kingston 2x4GB 1666Mhz Asus H81M-K 1x 120GB SSD 2x 500GB HDD source

10 TRUE Terrifying Craigslist Horror Stories to Fuel Your Nightmares | Ft. That Creepypasta Guy

For those of you who like to get a bargain, no doubt would have heard of craigslist, but some deals on there may be a bit too good to be true... it's time to get comfortable, and let the darkness take control! CHECK OUT P2 WITH THAT CREEPYPASTA GUY! - HELP SUPPORT THE CHANNEL - Why not TURN ON my CHANNEL NOTIFICATIONS so you are always notified when my newest video goes live! It's the BELL icon next to the SUBSCRIBE button on my channel page. ;D Follow me @ Twitter: Instagram: Check out previous videos: MEGA COMPILATION: LET'S NOT MEET: BEACH HORRORS: VACATION HORRORS: NIGHT SHIFT: To have your story featured in a video, share it to: OR email it to: All Credit for

New Paranormal team (Supernatural Investigators, Ghost Hunters)

We are a group of supernatural investigators. We've been around for almost a year now, but just now trying it on social media. Once we get moving we will try and put a video up once a week, and pictures up once a day on our social media. Dont be afraid to contact us, or tell us your Paranormal experiences down below! Insta - Facebook- Twitter - And please Supscribe! EMF K2- EMF Ghost Meter - EVP Recorder - Ghost box - source

” A Ritual ” Creepypasta | By: DonTheBassMan | Fear Itself’s Halloween Countdown 2017

Original Story: Be sure to email me at if you want me to read a story! MY BIGGEST SERIES EVER: MY GROUP CHANNEL: The Creepypasta Nation: FIND ME ON TWITTER: @FNarrates for updates and other things that I post :p Feel free to leave a like and comment if you like this video! Music by myuuji: Kevin MacLeod: Piano Horror: Lichttrager: Sound Effects: Check out all these channels if you aren't planning on sleeping tonight! MrCreepyPasta: CreepyPastaJr : MADAME MACABRE: CreepsMcPasta: source

Dundalk Historic District Ghost Expedition 2017/Baltimore County ("You All Look Tired") DRV stream ("You All Look Tired") captured by Maryland Paranormal Research ® at the Dundalk Patapsco Neck Historical Society and Museum [Dundalk MD] Sep 30 - Oct 1 2017. The investigation was part of the National Ghost Hunting Day 2017 event. Communication streams appear to acknowledge difficulties the investigator was experiencing in hearing real-time responses due in part to fatigue ("You All Look Tired") but primarily due to the noise floor. Some streams also appeared to indicate a presence had entered the room. Audio was captured with a SONY DCR SR45 Handycam, MACKIE 402-VLZ3 Mixer, HARMON DIGITECH 1066 Vocal Processor, ART EQ-351 31 Band 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer, and TIMEWAVE DSP-599zx Digital Noise Filter. The audio was further