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Paranormal Investigation Joe Nickell Skepticon 2 Redux

Twitter ► Blog ► Facebook ► e-mail ► Skepticon: Facebook ► Twitter ► Visit our website ► Filmed in Springfield, MO - Nov. Released under Creative Commons - Attribution License Feel free to: - Upload a translation - Re-edit for content - Re-edit with commentary Filmed and edited by Rob Lehr of Hambone Productions LLC All videos and footage owned by Skepticon source

5 TERRIFYING Ghost Videos Caught On Tape!

Check out these 5 terrifying ghost videos caught on camera. Are they real? Are these proof of ghosts? No one knows for sure but please keep an open mind. Do you have any ghost stories? You can submit it on my gmail account and I might include it in my next video. Thanks for watching and be sure to share this to your friends...if they enjoy things like this of course. Be sure to subscribe for more awesome videos! :) Music: Bent and Broken" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 "Past the Edge" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 SUBSCRIBE ► FACEBOOK ► GOOGLE+ ► source

Ghost Watch: Kampung Wak Hassan Investigation

The historical Kampung Wak Hassan is reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in Singapore. From sightings of the Pontianak to even hopping pocongs! What will the Ghost Files Singapore team led by Noel Boyd uncover in this Hungry Ghost Festival special? A mm2 Entertainment Digital Content Producer. Subscribe to our channel for the latest videos! GFS is directed and produced by Noel Boyd. Music composed by the talented Kevin MacLeod. Sound effects by Grago Productions and LIKE our Facebook page for updates and more paranormal content: source

A Love Story by Kite Line – Creepypasta

There's no love quite like the love between a child and their first pet. What? You thought I meant something else? Not this time! Edited from a story by Kite Line. Source: source

” 09/17/10 ” Creepypasta

Original Story: Be sure to email me at if you want me to read a story! MY BIGGEST SERIES EVER: MY GROUP CHANNEL: The Creepypasta Nation: FIND ME ON TWITTER: @FNarrates for updates and other things that I post :p Feel free to leave a like and comment if you like this video! Music by myuuji: Kevin MacLeod: Piano Horror: Lichttrager: Sound Effects: Check out all these channels if you aren't planning on sleeping tonight! MrCreepyPasta: CreepyPastaJr : MADAME MACABRE: CreepsMcPasta: source

Battlefield 1 Funtage – Pimp My Tank, Bad Pilots and Ghost Hunting

Welcome to my channel. Hope you'll enjoy your stay. Friends in Video - TrainerGamer Subcribe -- Follow me on twitter-- My upload schedule is a little hazy at the moment. But i aim to get at least one video a week. Unfortunately because my work contract is 0 hours i have to fit in youtube when i can. But if you stick around i can promise you won't be disappointed. ^_^ For business enquiries -- source

018 New Fish from nosleep on reddit

Scix and Michael look at The New Fish from reddit's nosleep forum. Next up: Graveyard Apartment by Mariko Koike. Also featuring the voices of Colby R. Rice, Angie Lopez & Jessica White. Featuring ROZKOL's Ambient I-IV, used under a Creative Commons license. Find it at: source


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