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10 CREEPYPASTA HORROR STORIES | Dr. Creepen’s Greatest Hits Vol. 4

Ok, before we get into this, I must mention that I've got a fantastic 40-minute story ready for you all coming up on Friday evening. If you've already listened to the stories in this collection, you won't have to wait too long for something new of substantial length. Now, onto tonight's rave from the grave... Period covered: beginning to end of April, 2016 Number of subscribers: 350 to 400 Mental state of the doc: Still having fun but not really imagining anything will come of this channel, it's just a nice break from studying for my Masters Degree. It's amazing to think that this is still just over a year ago. My channel was tiny and I was doing vids totally because I loved

360: Haunted Cell Block QUEER Ghost Hunters-Hunt QUEER Ghosts!

Stand on a the wing of a prison by your cell. 360 shots are part of our investigation. BEST VIEWED ON DEVICES. VR GEAR! As Season 2 begins, our real team of queer ghost hunters investigates of one of the most haunted prisons in the world. Help comes from a former inmate in this first search ever for queer entities. This free service is paid for by your donations: + get early notification when our videos post. Get your own QGH clothes and gear at: Also in this episode, the team makes contact with an entity who says he was convicted of sodomy. Plus a couple that enjoys ghost hunting together joins the group. Queer Ghost Hunters is

Preview Our Haunted Destinations’ upcoming three part series on Jackson, CA.

Set in California’s gold country; join the Hauntology team as we explore the history, the tragedy and claims of hauntings at three unique locations in this preserved gold rush era town.   We begin with the historic National Hotel and go behind the scenes as we investigate areas previously off limits.   We’ll explore the tragically haunted Kennedy mine, the site of our first paranormal attack.   Abandoned and closed for years we’ll conclude our three part series at the old Amador County courthouse and jail where we’ll be the first to officially search for its many dark secrets and encounter a malicious spirit.   Subscribe to our channel and be the first to see episode one from this haunted California treasure.   Interested in paranormal travel? We’ll also

Bridge Elemental Ghost Hunt

*Headphones recommended* Our investigation into a local legend of a short glowing eyed entity that was summoned by a ouija board. It is also believed that this spirit can hand out good fortune or curses depending on how it takes to you. source

Ghost Watch: Mount Vernon Crematorium Investigation

In the latest episode of Ghost Watch, Singapore based emcee and paranormal investigator Noel Boyd along with YouTuber Evalee Lin and cameraman Desmond Sum, visit the old Mount Vernon Crematorium to find out if stories about this location being haunted is indeed true. The results? Non-stop paranormal activity from start to end and a horrific find in one of the furnaces in this must-watch thrilling episode! A mm2 Entertainment Digital Content Producer. BUY TICKETS FOR OUR GHOST WALK ON 16 JUNE: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! Subscribe to our channel for the latest videos! LIKE our Facebook page: Buy Noel's Singapore's ghost stories e-book here: Buy the paperback version on Amazon here, ships worldwide!: GFS is directed and produced by

5 TERRIFYING Ghost Videos Caught On Tape!

Check out these 5 terrifying ghost videos caught on camera. Are they real? Are these proof of ghosts? No one knows for sure but please keep an open mind. Do you have any ghost stories? You can submit it on my gmail account and I might include it in my next video. Thanks for watching and be sure to share this to your friends...if they enjoy things like this of course. Be sure to subscribe for more awesome videos! :) Music: Bent and Broken" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 "Past the Edge" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 SUBSCRIBE ► FACEBOOK ► GOOGLE+ ► source

9 CREEPYPASTA HORROR STORIES | Dr. Creepen’s Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Period covered: beginning to end of March, 2016 Number of subscribers: 250 to 300 Mental state of the doc: Having fun but not really imagining anything will come of this channel So... I'm away in abroad giving a conference talk in Northern Cyprus! For this reason, there's no brand new narration this evening, although I do hope, if all goes to plan, that I'll have something new for you on Friday evening, even though I'm still at the conference then. Tonight's collection is quite special to me. All of these recordings originally came out in March of last year, and although my channel was still small at that point, these vids were the first to garner any real audience and consequently were the

I was Offered to Join a Group of Killers by GOD984 | Nosleep

What would you do if you were offered to join a group of psychopaths or leave? Would you trust to not kill you if left? As Always, Like, comment, Share, Subscribe, ENOY!!!!! Original Story: Music: Kevin MacLeod Night on the Docks - Sax Right Behind You Evil Incoming Myuuji Collapse MSP#1VICIOUS SFX: *This video