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”A Word of Caution” by Mercury Coated Veins | CLASSIC VAMPIRE CREEPYPASTA

So, I guess you all know by now that chatting with you and replying to comments as best I can is an important part of this channel for me. Tonight's video is therefore especially dedicated to those special souls who comment on every video... you guys really mean a lot to me! Hope everyone enjoys this one... I get a chance to 'get my evil on' in this one. Have a great day, see you all again on Friday. BTW If you enjoyed this one and are in the mood for a 30+ minute story, I strongly recommend 'The Carpathian Carver'. You'll notice it's in a similar style to this one and makes for the perfect double-bill! ________________________ From an original story by Mercury

Interview with Elizabeth Saint on board the USS Hornet

Historic Hotel Leger Interview & Investigation with Elizabeth Saint On our recent trip to the historic and very haunted Hotel Leger in Mokelumne Hill, California, . Welcome to Haunted Stories With Your Host Scott Litaea. Here is the Interview with Elizabeth Saint from the USS Hornet in August 2016 Follow Haunted Stories . Located in Mokelumne Hill, CA this was originally the courthouse and jail of Calaveras County. It is now a functioning hotel. Spirits are said to haunt this old . The Hotel Leger Wildly haunted and very creepy, the historic Hotel Leger located in California's gold country was once a court house and jail complete with a . source

Elite Paranormal Society – A Personal Message

At a recent paranormal investigation one of the members of Elite Paranormal Society received a personal message. This great spirit box communication was extremely personal given Gilson is a minister. Gilson felt as though a hand was touching his arm so he asked who was touching him and received an answer. source

Paranormal Production Contracts: Getting Signed

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