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CREEPIEST GHOST SO FAR | Mario : The Music Box

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Ancientbox Ghostbox app quick session good responses

Ancientbox uses 2 non-English reversed sound banks. can spirits use or speak different languages ? in this session I was successful in capturing EVP in both English and Arabic . proves to me that yes they can speak what you speak source

7. Ghost Hunting 101: Intro to Ghost Hunting

INTERVIEW STARTS AT 9:20 - Members of the Ohio Ghost Hunters are in the house to talk about what they do, how they do it, different types of hauntings, tips for people who may be experiencing a haunting and some interesting paranormal anecdotes. As the title of the episode says, it’s Ghost Hunting 101. Check out the Ohio Ghost Hunters online: Theme music: Vestron Vulture - “I Want to be a Robot (Tribute to Giorgio Moroder)” Vestron Vulture online: This episode's #sicktrack: SubVibe - "Disturbed - Down With The Sickness (Drumstep Remix)" SubVibe online: Read the OCCULTURE blog: This podcast is produced in the Kingdom of Ohio and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International: Love Yourself | Think for Yourself | Question Authority source

4 Scary Ghost Hunting Stories! (Strong Language) | Mr. Davis

(Submit your own stories!) Email: Follow me on Twitter: Support me on Patreon: Story Links below: Music Provided by Kevin McLoud, Abysmii, And CO.AG Composer Credit: Kevin: Abysmii: CO.AG: Video Provided by: OR Video Background provided by No Copyright YouTube Video Backgrounds Want more? Check out these playlists! Story Collections: Unnerving & True Tales Collection: source


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Haunted Movie Theater

Tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood within California’s Silicon Valley, the Veterans Memorial Senior Center could not be any more unassuming. The center, home to a 300-seat movie theater, built in the 1950’s and seemingly unremarkable is considered by locals to be one of the most haunted locations in town. Check out this video and discover the ghostly evidence uncovered by the Hauntology team during the group’s investigation of this very active theater. source