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”Alone” by Kibalnuzuka | Creepypasta

‘You’re breaking out in a cold sweat, thinking over and over again, “There’s nothing there”.’ How many times have I been kept awake by strange noises in the night? Have a safe and restful Wednesday, everyone! From an original story by Kibalnuzuka: Background music by Dr. Creepen van Pasta (freely available for use by other Creepypasta / No Sleep narrators): Video – ‘Uber Memoria 15 (2007-12)’ by shaun wilson; used in adapted form under the conditions of the Creative Commons CCBY-SA 3.0 license: Thumbnail image – 'underground corridor' by Henry; used in adapted form under the conditions of the Creative Commons CCBY-SA 2.0 license source

Creepypastas | ¡No Pienses En El Mañana!

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