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17. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension!

Have you noticed anything strange about your house lately? Objects out of place? Loud noises coming from unoccupied rooms? Don't worry, it's not a ghost, it's just the latest episode of Check Your Backseat! In this episode, Matt and Karson discuss PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION! In check your backseat, Matt recommends the haunting movie, THE SKIN I LIVE IN. Karson has been busy but has been enjoying listening to THE ART OF LEARNING by Josh Waitzkin and reading the comic book SAINTS. Enjoy the show? Subscribe on Soundcloud! Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on YouTube! Karson on Twitter: Matt on Twitter: Send us an email at source

”7 minutes” by Jester of Sorts | Creepypasta

''Our brain can survive for 7 minutes after we die: if our whole life flashes before our eyes in an instant, this might suddenly seem like an eternity…'' CAUTION: This story is short, but it’s thought provoking and open to interpretation. From an original story by Jester of Sorts: Background music by me (freely available for use by other Creepypasta narrators): Video – ‘July 13th: Captain Jack’ by Charles Rice Goff III, used under the conditions of the CC0 3.0 license: Thumbnail image – ‘Image from page 7 of "Archon" (1907)' by Internet Archive Book Images; no known copyright restrictions source