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[Animation] Jeff & Slender : I'm gonna kill you – Creepypasta (By Kitzie)

EN : My version of the meme "I'm gonna kill you" with Jeff the Killer and Slenderman x3 FR : Ma version du meme "I'm gonna kill you" avec Jeff the Killer et Slenderman x3 ~ Sinon on peut voir une petite différence de dessin et d'animation entre le début et la fin xD j'ai du m'améliorer entre temps ! (j'ai commencé en janvier pour terminer en avril x)). On peut voir aussi comment j'ai eu la flemme pour les décors ._. xD Désolé, c'est ni une vidéo francophone ni multilangue :') mais il y a rien de spécial à comprendre :3 si je retranscris rapidement en français en gros : - Je vais te tuer... - AAAAHHHHHHH - Chute dans une minute ! (c'est pas la

AUDIOBOOK – "PSYCHOSIS" – CREEPYPASTA – Short Horror – Featuring ConnieKuroi

Now, I know what you're thinking - "Ollie, aren't creepypasta readings what you do when you run completely out of ideas?" and you would in fact be correct. But I like to believe a lot of care and effort was put into this, so I hope you enjoy yourself deary, you masochistic, demented guinea pig. Special thanks to who sent me the lines for this a while back, and did a great job as a fellow English person capturing how I imagined Amy to be. Read along at - Full credits at end of video. This non-profit audiobook is protected under creative commons. source

DUST Paranormal Protection and Investigation Workshop

On Saturday 28th March 2015 our Editor Sharon Ann Rowland attended a D.U.S.T. Paranormal Protection and Investigation Workshop that kicked off at 3pm located at Boggo Road Gaol in Brisbane. The video above contains photographs of the gaol as well as short interviews with members of the Down Under Spirit Team. Special thank you to Rick Burden (a regular columnist inside the OeC) on allowing Sharon to attend this wonderful event. Our review will be inside Issue 06 of the magazine (due out June 1)! source

Audiobook Michał Chmielewski – Uśmiech arachnofobii (creepypasta)

Strona autora: Czym jest creepypasta? – Creepypasta to krótka opowieść krążąca po internecie mająca na celu wywołać u czytającego uczucie strachu. Opowieść taka może przybrać formę legendy miejskiej. Link do opowiadania: Pasty przedpremierowo: grupa na facebooku: Facebook: Ask: source