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Le Nuclear Ghost Investigation est une émission sur le paranormal. Notre équipe se déplace sur des lieux abandonnés et dit "hanté". Notre objectif est de capter des images ou sons non explicable. L'objectif n'est donc pas de truquer nos vidéos. Nous vous conseillons de mettre un casque audio pour bien comprendre les voix captée. Episode 1 : L'Hôpital abandonné. Nous sommes allé visiter un hôpital abandonné, pour le moment ceci se déroule de jour n'ayant pas le matériel adéquat. source

Evidence: Paranormal "The Morse Mill Hotel" – 2014

"Room Service" This video is of our investigation at the impressive Morse Mill Hotel in Jefferson County, Missouri done on July 26, 2014. We were quite amazed at the size and history attached to this building and of the activity we were to experience during our time inside. It's impossible to not walk away from this place scratching your head. We wondered if the alarms triggered or words emitted from our digital devices were actual spirits being active or simple energies being detected, but after reviewing our video and audio I just have that undeniable feeling there's without a doubt definitely someone or something there. Hope after watching our film you are inspired to pay a


Welp here is a spooky pasta that is longer than 5 minutes XD. Ive been trying to find the time to get this long one done but its hard, but i plan on working when i can to get stuff to you guys c;. ---------CREDIT AND SOCIALS-------------------------------------------------- Donate:¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted STORY: TWITTER: SKYPE:TCPW ARTISTS: MUSIC GROUP: Twitter: WANNA SEND SOME ART: TAGS:TCPW creepypastawizard thecreepypastawizard creepypasta scary narration pokepasta For the fact you read all of this surprises me 0_o, but