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“Abandoned Servers” Creepypasta

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Hello my creepy watchers Id like to spin my eye across another story so sit down turn the lights off and prepare to be scared. Not to mention I have an artist who does anything drawn for me check her out here the one and only amazing Recurrent


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23 thoughts on ““Abandoned Servers” Creepypasta

  1. Good reading.

    This creepypasta itself has the potential to be so creepy, but it just isn't. The author clearly lacks any understanding of subtlety and just keeps using cliche after cliche.

  2. One day, i was playing "Life of an Otaku" on roblox, i though i was alone on the server, and the sudenly, a message poped up on the chat, i forgot what it was, but, i felt… happy, i don't know why, but, i guess it was because i found out that i wasn't the only one there, that was someone with me. I went down a mountian to find that person, it was a girl that named "memeasibae". Before she was there, i felt lonley, and nearly sad. We talked for a solid 40 minutes, and it was the best 40 minutes of my life. In this game, there are some areas where if you go to, you will be teleported to another place, and you would be alone. After we talked, she walked into one of those places… i felt… lonley, afraid, sad, hopeless, empty, like if a friend of mine, a best friend, died, i was talking to myself on chat, not knowing what do do, i was waiting for her for about 5 minutes, but it felt like forever for her to come back, and when she did, i told her everything, i told her how i felt when she left, i told her "Can i tell you something?", "Go on", she replied, i said "I felt lonley when you left, nearly sad" i expected her to laugh at me, but insted of doing that, she replied with "I felt like that too", and the feelingthat i got after that was beyond happynes, we talked until she went to bed, adn not shortle after i did too.

    Now, you might be thinking to yourself "why in the fuck did you write this", i just wanted to tell you all how feeling lonley is, i wanted to warn you, so that way ythe effects of lonleyness can't hit you as bad as they hit me. So, if you find your self in a server and noone is there, and out of blue someone poped up, be ready for the moment that they leave.

    Stay save out there.

  3. I remember this one Minecraft server that I explored that felt completely dead, no signs that anyone had played recently, no animals in the pens or crops in farmland. All the building were derelict and ruined, anything of use had been looted long ago. I found not a single intact building on the whole server.

    Occasionally a new player would log in and I would observe them from afar, making sure to not let them know I was there. They would wander around for about half an hour before leaving, probably because they found nothing of interest.

    I searched the whole server for any back story or explanation for its abandonment, finding only a journal mentioning a civil war of some kind.

    My conclusion is that the people who played on the server role played a civil war before abandoning it.

  4. Expected a good gaming pasta from the title and thumbnail but got massively disappointed. Game possessed, character taking control, real life harm, uninspired use of gore, creepy black eyes, spooky mirrors, bad dreams. What else was there?

  5. I haven't read all the commentaries on this one so if it has been mentioned prior, my apologies. The one thing about the tale that struck me as interesting was how similar (in ways) it was to a James Woods film in the early 80's now in the "Cult Classic" section known as "Video Drome" where a guy consumed by porn with a new satellite system he found a darker version like snuff films etc. Today we'd call it the Dark Web. But this story seems like an attempt at recreating video drome with computers and the internet rather than pirate broadcasts and videotapes.

  6. No really, you don't have to give your opinion on the story, and if you don't particularly like the story, don't read it. You try too hard. Almost like you're trying to make it sound like it's not being read

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