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Paranormal Investigation – Why I Do It Part 1

Paranormal Investigation - Why I Do It Part 1 Subscribe to my channel! Find me on Facebook! Follow me on twitter! Part 1 of the Paranormal Investigation that started all of my paranormal investigations. As lead investigator It is my job to keep my composure during times of terror. Sometimes this can be hard to do. Why I Do It You might ask. No matter how Disturbing, or Scary things can get I still manage to pull together as much evidence as I can, so I can tell the world my Story. With the help of my team of Paranormal investigators, we do the best we can to bring you the best in youtube content. Feel free to share your opinions,

“Abandoned Servers” Creepypasta

Check me out on- Patreon- Tumblr- Facebook- Thumbnail Art by Tats- Hello my creepy watchers Id like to spin my eye across another story so sit down turn the lights off and prepare to be scared. Not to mention I have an artist who does anything drawn for me check her out here the one and only amazing Recurrent Story- Music done by- source