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'The Angel Statue" Creepypasta

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Hello my creepy watchers Id like to spin my eye across another story so sit down turn the lights off and prepare to be scared. Not to mention I have an artist who does anything drawn for me check her out here the one and only amazing Recurrent


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32 thoughts on “'The Angel Statue" Creepypasta

  1. I heard another cersion, but instead of the statue, it was a putin statue, it was a trollpasta and at the end they said "hail lord putin and drink vodka till you die"

  2. Them dying kinda takes away from the mystery. Either end it with them saying they don't own an angel statue or them disappearing. A bloody death isn't scary.

  3. My teacher actually introduced us this story, a few years back, she told us this exact story and even turned off the lights to give a little more spooky vibes. Maybe she already watched this but when I asked my classmates about this story, if they still remember it they had no clue, I even asked my teacher the one who told the story if she still remembers this story. But I end up looking like a fool infront of her. She said I actually was in the clinic at that time and while I was there her and my class never spoke about this story. She also said when she came to check me out if I was ok I was "talking in my sleep"…

    This is giving me the creeps….

  4. First Off, Short and Scary… Awesome.
    Secondly, Getting Major Dr. Who Vibes Right Now. (Also, Who Else thinks the Dalek is the Superior Enemy?)
    Thirdly, Did the Angel Statue Hear the Babysitters Conversation?

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