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Intelligent Technology – Ghost (Original Mix)

Chilled Structures 5 - Baroque Records 2014-04-28 BARQDA128 1. Intelligent Technology - Es Vedra (Original Mix) 2. Jorg Zimmer - Prozac (Original Mix) 3. Daajio - Buenos Aires (Original Mix) 4. Danny Stubbs & Magdalen Silvestra - Been a Fool (Original Mix) 5. C-Jay & Hi-Fi Mystery School - Aethos (Original mix) 6. Intelligent Technology - Ghost (Original Mix) 7. Padai - Atlantis (Original Mix) 8. Intelligent Technology - Equinox (Original Mix) 9. Andrei Niconoff - Memories (Original Mix) 10. Intelligent Technology - Ambient Luxum (Original Mix) As the summer months draw near & the temperature starts to soar, Baroque unleash the next edition of their highly anticipated 'Chilled Structures' series. Featuring ten quality downtempo electronica & chilled productions.. perfect for back rooms , bars & chilled days by the pool! Intelligent Technology

“Black Eyed Children” Creepypasta

Hello my creepy watchers Id like to spin my eye across another story so sit down turn the lights off and prepare to be scared. Not to mention I have an Guest artist please check her out here! Story- Music done by- source